Women & Children Series

This summer when I was away on vacation, I had a series of guest bloggers talking about different issues connected to women and children.  Here was my idea:

My idea is to feature women without children and also mothers.  I often feel like the discussion of having kids is a little bit us against them sometimes (mothers vs non-mothers) when I don't feel like it has to be at all, since thoughts about children is something I'm pretty sure all women think about.  Topics I'm thinking about are thoughts on whether you want to have kids or not, feminism and motherhood, body image issues and pregnancy, breast feeding, adoption, infertility, parenting philosophies, how having a child has changed someone's life, working moms, stay at home moms and anything else people may suggest.  My main criteria is that I want the posts to be personal not just fluff, I want people to get real in the vein of my "things I'm afraid to tell you," posts.

Here is the series below.  Please check it out!

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