Downton Abbey!

Because obsessing over Downton is almost as fun as the servants ball.

Season Three Finale Episode Recao on

Season Three Episode 6 Recap on

Season Three Episode 5 Recap on

Season Three Episode 4 Recap on

Season Three Episode 3 Recap on

Season Three Episode 2 Recap on

Season Three Premiere Episode Recap on

Season One: Summary, recaps and opinions. "Why must every day involve a fight with an American?"

Season Two Episode 1 Recap and Party.  "War makes early risers of us all."

Season Two Episode 3 Recap and Party.  "For King and Country!"

Season Two Episode 4 Recap and Party "Is this an instrument of communication or torture? Shrimpie??"

Season Two Episode 5 Recap and Party "That's it. There's nothing more we can do for him."

Season Two Finale Recap and Party "Mending the fire. And suffering."

What would Mrs. Patmore cook?

The Elegant Ladies in the Media! What would media magnate Sir Richard Carlisle say?

Inside a Downton Viewing Party in The New York Observer
Pass the Tea and the Remote and Put on Your Tiaras in the New York Times
The Elegant Ladies on CNN

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  1. i have a punch bowl that is very Downton Abbey, lets use it!!

    1. Punch and Downton sounds like a jolly good time m'Lady!

  2. Sarah, I am absolutely loving your Downton Abbey recap posts! I love them almost as much as the episodes themselves!

    1. Thank you so much Jessica! I love writing them. So glad you're enjoying!

    2. Meeee too! I've refreshed the screen at at LEAST a dozen times today in anticipation of your S3 Finale recap. I finally gave up for the day and re-read (and re-laughed) at a few of the other episode recaps. Absolutely hysterical!

    3. OMG I love how you re-laughed through them all! I've been refreshing all day too! I'm dying to discuss with you guys. Checking in with xoJane now, I'm pretty sure it'll be up tomorrow. Thanks so much for your comment Ronda!

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