Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We're in Contract!

Hey lil' cutie! Can I come live in you?

I've been waiting to do a blog post about this, because I was convinced that something would fall through, but Alex and I made an offer on a house in Maplewood, New Jersey, it was accepted, and now we are officially in contract! Our closing date is December 13!

Alex wouldn't want me to share anything until we actually live there, because he's always so convinced that good news will turn bad. But I decided, if something happens that makes us not get this house, then I'll just have to blog about it, because that will be one of the few things that will make me feel better. And if I think about what "being in contract" means in a non-doomsday way, it means that people want to sell us and only us their house! So... let's talk about it, shall we?

I'm so glad our search is finally over, and am beyond excited- I just want to live there already! Of course, I've gone from obsessively reading Trulia, to now obsessively reading design blogs (my favorites right now are: Making it Lovely, i suwannee, Manhattan Nest and Our Fifth House) and starting a "room designs" board on Pinterest. Here are some of my favorite pins so far:




In case you haven't noticed, I like busy, bold and unique! Ultimate inspiration?


I can't wait to share pictures of the inside of the house with you guys! I think I'm going to take some during our inspection.

Here are the things on my mind:

  • The living room has red walls! Do we want to keep the red walls? I'm leaning towards yes.
  • Will my grandmother's kitchen table fit in the kitchen?
  • Will we be able to turn the "non-working" fireplace into a working one? Because if you ask me, nothing is sadder than a non-working fire place.
  • OMG a yard!
  • OMG a finished basement!
  • OMG red front door!
  • OMG down town Maplewood is so cute! And we will be living a short and scenic mile from it!
In the mean time, I know there is annoying stuff to come. Right now, we're scheduling our inspection and have to start figuring out home insurance, but so far, I'm still in super excited mode. And also in, "holy moly- we're going to live in a place with more than two rooms" mode.

Surprisingly, the idea of owning feels much more special than I thought it would already. Knowing that we're not going to want to move in a few years and that the house has room to grow, is such a comforting feeling. I can't wait to blog more about this as we go through the journey of home ownership! In the meantime though, you'll probably find me on Pinterest.


  1. Ahhhh, congratulations!!! I know all that excitement firsthand! :) I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys. The house is super cute! <3

  2. Tristan and I have a house warming gift for you guys...working fire place or not, this gift will at least make it look and feel a little bit more like it's working :)

  3. Holy crap I think I am going to burst with excitement. I have been so tempted to call you for updates but know you are a busy girl. Can't wait to hear more about it. Adam, Jack, Mark, and I look forward to visiting you guys next spring when you are all settled in! We are sooooo happy for you!

  4. How exciting!! What cute house! Good luck and looking forward to seeing/hearing more. :)

  5. Congratulations! I love that red door!

  6. ah, these room inspirations are so great! i have been doing a lot of re-decorating lately, i love the third picture!

    lindsey louise


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