Friday, September 13, 2013

This is a post about me.

Because I love this picture.

The first full week back at school is officially over and while it was exhausting it wasn't bad at all. This weekend is supposed to be perfect weather! Alex and I are having a picnic in prospect park with some friends who just had a baby named Cora (!) and then we're going to go back to Montclair on Sunday to re-look at a house we really liked.

Could it really be the one? Everyone keeps saying, "you'll know when you walk in." And while I really liked the house when I walked in, I didn't just know anything. I have a feeling that I'm not the "know when you walk in" type. I need to look at the trulia ad a million times to the point where everything is memorized, analyze the neighborhood via google maps, talk to a bunch of people about it for a week, realize I'm still thinking about it and then go back and look at it again and then still maybe not know. We'll see. Or maybe I am the "know when you walk in" type, and this isn't the one.

I'm now going to interrupt this post with links to things I like on the internet, not necessarily because that's what a lot of people blog about on Fridays, but because I feel like I want to tell you guys about cool stuff. So here goes:

This is the best essay I've ever read about abortion.

Alex and I are on the cover of this week's New Yorker (kind of.)

This is the saddest story about a house.

This Vine makes me love everything about life.

Best etsy shop ever?

Best thing on Youtube?

You should be listening to these podcasts: Holmes. Garlin. 

The thing about links posts is that I think I secretly view them as blog post cop outs. I should be writing a blog post about how much I love the medium of podcasts and their connection to radio and the internet, combining my love for the old and the new. Or how Vine reminds me of America's Funniest Home Video's and gifs and the same time, but in real time, and while they could be a total time suck, they also feel weirdly special. Or how I have no idea why listening to someone playing the flute over the 20th Century Fox theme song so makes me laugh so hard, but it does. But let's not talk about shoulds.

I was made aware of most of these links through Alex who is basically King of the Internet, or at least Mayor. (I like how I went from King to Mayor).

He hates when I share stuff about him, but too bad. If you liked these links, you should check out the podcast he will be doing soon. I'm thinking of it as a podcast for those of us who are not good at finding great things online on our own, but like enjoying the great things that are online.

I'm reading two books right now, the first is for work, since I will be doing a banned books curriculum with the 6th grade, called Places I never Meant to Be. It's a collection of short stories by censored young adult writers, edited and with an introduction by Judy Blume, of course. And it's really good. The second is what I guess would be called a self help book? Maybe pop- psychology- that I just started last night called Romancing the Shadow. My therapist recommended it and so far it's helping me think about how to be my authentic self. Something I'm always striving for. It very much connects your body and your mind (something my therapist has always done with me) and gotten me thinking about trying transcendental meditation as well.  This is starting to feel like another moment where I could try and write a longer post going deeper into these heavy issues, but look, it's Friday and it's 72 degrees out and sunny. So let's just end there. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I haven't really been into blogging for the last year or so but decided to compile a list of blogs that I remembered enjoying to try and coax me into blogging again. Your was on the list but you had moved!! Through some internet stalking, I managed to track you down :) I look forward to seeing what I've missed.
    And that youtube video with the 20th C Fox music is the bane of my life! I showed it to one of my roomies... and now whenever we watch a movie, he has to do an impersonation of it!!

    1. OMG! Hi Laura! Your comment made my day. So glad you found me. Also, sorry about the youtube video lol.

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