Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Today I went to vote and signed my name under someone else's! I walked into the auditorium of St. Cecelia's church with that feeling of nervous pride that I always get when going to vote. It's a mixture of getting all Lesley knope-ish and feeling overwhelmingly like a grown up at the same time.

So after the nice old lady told me what my district was, another nice younger lady found my name and told me to sign and I signed under the wrong name!

Me: Oh crap.

Lady: What?

Me: Um, I signed under the wrong name.

Lady:  Do you know who you are?!

To my defense, which I showed the lady and then the man that she called over, the name underneath mine was Shannon O'something and her signature was almost identical to mine! (Big S some squiggles, followed by a big O and more squiggles).

Me: Look at her signature! I thought it was mine.

The lady did agree that they were alarmingly similar and so did the man in charge who decided to just initial my crossed out mistake and if that other lady showed up to have her sign under my mistake. (I wonder if that was the official way to handle something like that. And I wonder if she ever showed up to vote)

Everyone in the whole auditorium laughed at me. Especially the old ladies. And it made me feel proud to be an American.

We looked at some houses with real estate agents this weekend and it went well! No dream house found yet, but we're getting a better handle on this whole house hunting thing and I think we're going to be able to find something special eventually. Right now we're feeling a lot of love towards Maplewood, but want to explore Montclair a little more too. Any readers familiar with either towns? I'd love to hear any thoughts in the comments! Also, thanks for the great comments on my first house buying post. I'm excited to keep you guys in the loop.


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