Sunday, June 2, 2013

This is me laying on the floor of our balcony and reading after a delicious dinner that was eaten on the balcony. Also, please note my adorable jogging outfit, that I jogged in. The book I just started today is The History of Love by Nicole Krauss and I love it already.
Hi everyone! Can you believe it's june? As someone who works on the school schedule this might be my favorite month of the year, the one that I've been working towards for what seems like so long. But then when I think about the "rest of the world" schedule, as in looking at the year starting in January, I'm like, what? It's June? I'm still getting used to writing 2013 on my rent check every month!

As school is starting to wind down, I'm looking forward to summer reading and hopefully more blogging and definitely more novel writing. This past weekend I ran both Saturday and Sunday, went to the beach and worked on my writing. It was such a perfect taste of summer and I loved every sweltering second of it. Things like buying corn on the cob, apricots and organic strawberries at Trader Joes and hanging up damp beach towels on the balcony to dry are making me so happy right now.

Although as someone with the summer off, I sometimes get a crazy feeling towards the end of the school year where I stress about summer being over before it's even started! There are only so many weekends! Every time I express this to someone, this is the response I usually get:

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This summer is going to be so amazing though, because my sister is getting married and I can not even wait. The O'Holla family's about to get emotional come July 27, cause that's just how we do. Bring on the happy tears!

A genius on etsy is selling these
So, just wanted to check in with a random Sunday night stream of consciousness post. Probably going to watch some arrested development now. Thanks for reading! xo