Friday, April 19, 2013

Watching A Live Animal Cam: Like Going To The Zoo But A Million Times Better.

Do you guys remember the Shba Inu Puppy Cam of 2008? (Apparently it's still going!) That was my very first experience with some sort of camera set up on some sort of animal doing some sort of thing 24 hours a day. I did an email search for "puppy cam" to find out when I first saw a puppy cam (cause I totally emailed that shit to like, everyone) and found an email to Alex where I wrote: "I'm being totally serious when I say watching the Puppy Cam gives me the same feeling I had after we shared a klonopin on the plane from California that time."

So guess what you guys, I found a new animal cam and this time it's a Hawk Cam set up on the 12 floor of the NYU library, where a hawk family currently lives.

That's right, I said HAWKS. 

Hawk Husband, Hawk Wife, HAWK BABIES.

nyu_hawkcam on Broadcast Live Free

This is me all day:

The best part about the Hawk Cam, I think, is that unlike the puppy cam which is in someone's house, this cam is in the wilds of downton Manhattan. The Hawks are acting like they act when no one is watching. But guess what you guys, everyone is!

Hi Hawks, this is the internet right now, and you don't even know it:
The second best part about the Hawk Cam is the live chat set up right next to the footage. Everyone on this chat is SUPER NICE and SUPER CUTE and SINCERELY EXCITED about the hawk cam!  People are writing things like "Mom, feed me feed me!" and "Down the hatch!" When it comes to animal cams, no one is a jerk because everyone is basically on valium while watching them.

Look, I know we've all been having a super anxious week. Just watch the Hawk Cam and I promise, everything will be okay.


  1. I was OBSESSED with the Eagle cam last year! I would stay up until the wee hours of the night watching it!

  2. And seriously. Your Gifs are out of control. I'm cracking up.

  3. Luv it! I used to watch the penguin cam at sea world. They were so funny to watch!

  4. Awww! I had a phase of watching the polar bear cam at San Diego Zoo. So cute!

  5. That is awesome! Your gifs are hilarious. Thanks for the funny crackup:)

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