Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Snail Mail & Friendship

I've noticed something going on with my friends of late- we've all been sending post cards to each other when we go on a trip. And getting one in the mail is really exciting! When Alex and I were in New Orleans over spring break we sent some postcards out and it was fun to be the sender too. It's like Christmas cards but without the holiday stress and long list. I made sure to write down addresses in my notebook before we went too for the specific purpose of sending postcards. In this day of facebook mania and texting and instagram- which I admittedly went crazy with too over vacation and was temporarily blocked by one friend for my showing-off-ocity- a postcard feels like such a special treat. A special "I'm thinking of you" present from a friend that barely costs anything but will look great on their fridge. There also feels like a real art to writing a postcard sized message. It always makes me feel like all of my friends are great writers.

Here are some postcards that I've gotten recently. Do you send postcards? If you haven't in a while, I highly recommend you do the next time you go away.

PS- Thank you cards fall in this category too! I have a smaller group of girlfriends where we always send each other thank you cards for things. Alex thinks we're weirdly formal but a thank you card can really make you feel appreciated and loved. Below are some recent thank you cards I've received. Hooray for the power of snail mail and friendship.

PPS- Don't you just love everyone's handwriting?


  1. I love my New Orleans postcard, Sarah. Thanks! I used to always send some when I traveled. Its been awhile. I agree, you would love Iceland.

  2. Don't apologise for not posting much, because what ends up here is such quality! I love this. I have a big stack of postcards at home, but I never use any of them to actually write somebody. I used to send cards from my holidays, but I found it kinda depressing that hardly anybody ever sent me anything from their's, so I stopped. I know, very egotistic of me. Now I only write about my vacation to my grandparents and parents. They get worried if they don't get a card! :o)

  3. im jealous! so many cards, you must be very loved =) i havent had the pleasure of being able to take a vacation for a very, very long time. but when i used to - i'd always send a large handful of friends, postcards. there is just something so awesome about picking them out and writing little blurbs about the random day you had in a foreign-to-you place. maybe i should just start sending random postcards from where i live and making up adventures - that might be fun too!


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