Friday, April 19, 2013

Do you guys remember the Shba Inu Puppy Cam of 2008? (Apparently it's still going!) That was my very first experience with some sort of camera set up on some sort of animal doing some sort of thing 24 hours a day. I did an email search for "puppy cam" to find out when I first saw a puppy cam (cause I totally emailed that shit to like, everyone) and found an email to Alex where I wrote: "I'm being totally serious when I say watching the Puppy Cam gives me the same feeling I had after we shared a klonopin on the plane from California that time."

So guess what you guys, I found a new animal cam and this time it's a Hawk Cam set up on the 12 floor of the NYU library, where a hawk family currently lives.

That's right, I said HAWKS. 

Hawk Husband, Hawk Wife, HAWK BABIES.

nyu_hawkcam on Broadcast Live Free

This is me all day:

The best part about the Hawk Cam, I think, is that unlike the puppy cam which is in someone's house, this cam is in the wilds of downton Manhattan. The Hawks are acting like they act when no one is watching. But guess what you guys, everyone is!

Hi Hawks, this is the internet right now, and you don't even know it:
The second best part about the Hawk Cam is the live chat set up right next to the footage. Everyone on this chat is SUPER NICE and SUPER CUTE and SINCERELY EXCITED about the hawk cam!  People are writing things like "Mom, feed me feed me!" and "Down the hatch!" When it comes to animal cams, no one is a jerk because everyone is basically on valium while watching them.

Look, I know we've all been having a super anxious week. Just watch the Hawk Cam and I promise, everything will be okay.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I've noticed something going on with my friends of late- we've all been sending post cards to each other when we go on a trip. And getting one in the mail is really exciting! When Alex and I were in New Orleans over spring break we sent some postcards out and it was fun to be the sender too. It's like Christmas cards but without the holiday stress and long list. I made sure to write down addresses in my notebook before we went too for the specific purpose of sending postcards. In this day of facebook mania and texting and instagram- which I admittedly went crazy with too over vacation and was temporarily blocked by one friend for my showing-off-ocity- a postcard feels like such a special treat. A special "I'm thinking of you" present from a friend that barely costs anything but will look great on their fridge. There also feels like a real art to writing a postcard sized message. It always makes me feel like all of my friends are great writers.

Here are some postcards that I've gotten recently. Do you send postcards? If you haven't in a while, I highly recommend you do the next time you go away.

PS- Thank you cards fall in this category too! I have a smaller group of girlfriends where we always send each other thank you cards for things. Alex thinks we're weirdly formal but a thank you card can really make you feel appreciated and loved. Below are some recent thank you cards I've received. Hooray for the power of snail mail and friendship.

PPS- Don't you just love everyone's handwriting?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I spent this past weekend in Cape May with my parents celebrating my dad's birthday and we had the perfect time! We all kept saying "this has been the perfect weekend!" So I thought I'd share our itinerary on the blog. Going to the beach in the off season is really the best. Here's how to have an amazing weekend in Cape May in April.

Day One

1. Leave early Saturday morning. After gassing up and picking up and bagel and OJ, you should be on the road by 8AM. With less cars on the road this early, it will knock a half hour off the usually 3 hour drive from Brooklyn to Cape May!

2. Pull into Shell Bay, the best trailer park in all of the land. We call in Trailer Chic because it so totally is with it's bright white shell paved streets. Hug parents and give dad his birthday presents. (Magnetic knife strip and DIY cheese kit! Plus a card that makes him teary. Score!)

3. Around 11ish put on your running/walking shoes and head to the sea wall in North Wildwood. It looks like this:

Run your current couch to 5K workout while your parents walk the wall together. Enjoy the ocean and breath that air.

4. Lunch time! Head over to Owen's Pub for burgers and 99 cent draft beers. That's right, I said 99 cents.

5. Head back to the trailer for a Saturday afternoon snooze. Nap and get lost in the book you're loving.

6. Back outside! Find a new beach on the bay side bring chairs, cookies and cheese doodles and set up on the rocks while your dad tries to catch some fish for dinner. The fish aren't biting, but that's not the point of fishing anyway. Enjoy everything around you.

7. Cocktail hour! Whip up some cranberry vodka martinis and have a drink before heading out to Lucky Bones for dinner.

8. Do not go to the tourist trap that is The Lobster House across the street. Head straight to lucky bones and take advantage of their specials! I had the weakfish with string beans and polenta and it was a memorable meal.

9. Go for a walk around deserted downtown Cape May! Look for ghosts in the windows of the old Victorian mansions. Make sure to walk down random side streets and alleys.

10. Consider going back to Owens for an 80's dance party but realize you're pretty exhausted and would rather go back to the house for a night cap.

11. One more vodka martini, share an ice cream sandwich with your dad and call it a day!

Day Two

1. Plan on going to George's Place for breakfast in downtown Cape May, but before you do, have your dad come home with a freshly caught 33 inch striped bass!! Jump up and down because this is exciting.

2. Go to George's and order anything that includes hash-browns. Love every single breakfast bite.

3. Walk down the Cape May boardwalk to the very end and then wander around town for a while.

4. Feel like it's time for a nap but don't want to be cooped up in the trailer. Pack up some chairs and sweatshirt and head to Stone Harbor for a nap on the beach. Make sure to throw a few bite sized milky ways in the beach bag.

5. Head back home for an early dinner of fresh caught striped bass!

Before and After

6. Pack up and head on back to Brooklyn.

And that's it! If you're ever in the Cape May area I highly recommend all of the above activities and places! I hope everyone else had a good weekend. I was planning on posting this Sunday night but blogging time feels harder to come by these days than usual. I'm not really sure why but I'm hoping come summer when I'm off for vacation that I'll be blogging more regularly. But for now, thanks for reading my few posts a week. It means so much to me.

And one more thing. It's always hard to blog after a big national or global tragedy happens. Everything feels a little trivial and disrespectful while commenting on the events also feels out of my league and unnecessary to add my voice to all of the chatter on the internet. Normally I don't comment on the news too often on my blog but came across this lovely post on Tomboy Style this morning and wanted to share. I encourage you to check it out here.  Hope everyone is having the best day that they can.



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Light by Morning.
My blogging pal Mollie asked if I would contribute to the writer series she's doing on her blog Light By Morning and I was happy and honored to participate.

Please click here to check it out! And read me say things like: "the best thing about a blogging audience is that it’s so easy to interact with them and actually become friends with them.  That is the best." Are you guys blushing? Because I'm talking about you and calling you the best. Now, go read it Besties!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Oh Ann Perkins, you beautiful intelligent being. Yes, I am training for a 5k and yes, it is the worst.

Just kidding guys, it's not that bad! The jogging part is hard. But the Couch to 5K app makes it pretty doable. For those of you who have never heard of couch to 5k before, you can download an app on your phone that over the course of nine weeks gradually eases you into running three miles without stopping and then you should be ready to run a 5k. I very much started in the "couch" phase and just did my first week four run this morning and for the first time in a long time ran for five minutes without stopping. Twice! And yes, this was me:

But, like the app told me I would, I was able to do it. At this point it's hard to see myself jogging three miles without stopping, but I'm going to trust the app and keep going.

So, why am I suddenly running a 5k? For a good cause of course! My cousin who is in the middle of fighting brain cancer right now, and being super amazing at it I might add, proposed doing this 5k in Atlantic City over Mother's Day weekend and my entire family jumped up and was like:

So I've got a great cause and an amazing team with the coolest name: Crush Cancer with Carolyn and an excuse to do something fun with my extended family. Which is making me want to say one more time:

Yes, Bones is my favorite guilty pleasure.
Those things are all definitely helping me keep up with the three times a week jogs. I'll keep you all updated on how the further weeks and then of course the actual 5k goes. But I'm curious as a 5k newbie, what should I expect on the day of the race? I'd love to hear your jogging stories and tips in the comments and if you've ever tried the Couch to 5k app either. Let's chat!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Almost a month later, and I think my unplanned blogging break is over! Yay! That was nice, but it's great to suddenly feel like I have something to write about again. Nothing like radio silence to refresh the mind, I suppose.

Before I start this post, I want to thank everyone who left such sweet and inspiring comments on my last post! I wasn't expecting them at all and they meant so much to me. So thanks readers and special thanks to Kristen, Kari, Heather, Trisha, Mollie and "Country Dumb" (I don't know your real name!) for putting that sweetness out on the internet for all to see, especially me.

This blog may have appeared to be silent, but I think I thought about it almost every day this month. It was always at the back of my mind when I was going through my day, but never really made it to the front of my mind, giving me that urge to sit down and write. So I guess you're wondering what made me sit down today? You're never going to guess, so I'm just going to tell you. Ready?

Kacey Musgraves.

I know, this is probably you right now:

I'm just as surprised as you are. Now, my guess is you're either sitting there being like, who is that? Or you're like, I love her! Or, you're like, what?! I hate country music! Or I thought Sarah hated country music!

I do? I think? I do. But Kacey Musgraves, you've captured my heart!

My musical tastes have gone through tons of different cycles since I bought my two first cassette tapes back in 7th grade (REM "Automatic for the People" and The Cranberries "No Need to Argue") but these days I'd say I don't usually pay attention to what's on the radio that much- and NEVER listen to country stations.  I'd say I  listen to music that falls in the "indie" category  whatever that means. Honestly, I'm kind of at a stage in my life where discovering new music really isn't very important to me.

But then I heard this thing about Kacey Musgraves on NPR. And was all:

Does that mean I'm like an old yuppie now or something? I know that discovering new music because you heard about it on NPR is decidedly uncool, but I've never claimed to be cool, now have I?

Anyway, I just thought, aww I like her voice and the lyrics and the catchiness. It sounded like music I wanted to learn all of the words to because it would be really fun to sing along. Also, I'm training for my first 5k ever right now (more on that in another blog post) and I thought it would be great jogging music. So I downloaded the album they were reviewing on NPR, "Same Trailer Different Park" and not only is it really good, it inspired me to write my first blog post in almost a month. Because I love sharing unexpected joys with you guys! (And kind of making fun of myself while I do it.)

Maybe her music isn't for you, but check it out! This song is one of my favorites:

It's not something I'd normally listen to, but I think it's pretty great. This part of the NPR review I heard really spoke to me:
I was especially struck by "Follow Your Arrow," an anthem of self-determination so of the moment, it might have been co-written via text messages. Excuse me? A mainstream-sounding country song with a chorus suggesting I roll up a joint and kiss people of my same gender? As a country-music fan, I must admit this is a fresher vision of personal freedom than beer, beach vacations and firearms.
Let me know if you like her or if you end up checking her out, and any great jogging music suggestions will be greatly appreciated in the comments!

PS-Gifs are from my very favorite tumblr #whatshouldmecallme and a new favorite blog Effing Dykes, respectively.