Sunday, March 10, 2013


Hey pals. I know things have been extremely quiet round these here parts lately, so I just wanted to stop in and say hey. I'm having a little bit of an existential blogging moment (it was totally unplanned, but apparently happening) where I'm trying to figure out not only the kind of blog that I want to write, but also the kind that I want to read.

I'm asking you to be patient with me. Please keep me in your readers or keep following me in other ways. I promise I'll be back. But for now I'm just going to poke around and figure out what I want this blog to really be about.

Any suggestions? Favorite types of posts? Let me know, I'd love some advice right now.



  1. I have this moment a lot. When I think about the kinds of blogs I like to read, I always think that there's no way anyone feels that way about my blog! So maybe that is a natural feeling to have. But, I really like your blog just as it is. It feels genuine, and I think that's wonderful because a lot of blogs are quite the opposite. Although I do have a few of the more magazine-y blogs that I read, really my favorite blogs are just about the lives of real people that I find unique or interesting or compelling to read about for a variety of reasons. Those are my favorite!

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment Kristen! xo

  2. I think that you have a really great voice, and I enjoy reading about you following your dream to become a writer and just everyday type stuff. One of the things that initially drew me to your blog was your "Things I'm Afraid to Tell You" posts. The first time I read your blog, I read the post about you and your husband trying to decide if kids were in the cards for you. That hooked me, because I am also 30 and trying to make that same decision with my husband. I think people are drawn to blogs that they can connect with or show some vulnerability that hits home with them. I recently started a blog. While the first few months were fun, now I get anxiety whenever I post something or worry that I won't be able to come up with anything that will be interesting to readers. You're someone I would like to have a conversation with, so that's why I read. You mix deep moments with funny and everyday things. I like that mixture. Hope that helps:)

  3. Sarah, I think your blog is great. As the others before me said, you just have this great, genuine voice. I love reading about your days, your writing, books that you are reading, concerns about jobs, children, and global warming. It is all very real and that's what I love about it. Some blogs seem so manufactured that I can't really connect to the person behind it. I don't feel that way with your blog.

  4. I agree with the above comments. I've now been blogging just over a year and I've changed my "style" quite a bit. It's interesting to see the progression. But I think what I am drawn to in blogs are people just being themselves and not feeling like they have an agenda. Or just posting what they wore that day. While I do read some more "fashion type" blogs- the ones I read don't JUST focus on that. I mean really, who really wants to see only what someone wore EVERY day?! To me it gets a little stale after a while and I loose complete interest. But that's just me.

    I'm still trying to find my voice. It's hard to find where you fit. But I am one hoping you continue just to be you and share whatever you feel you want to share with us all. There are no rules (though I LOVE when people post about the "do's and don'ts of blogging like they have it all figured out and want to share this "wisdom" with us all) Its all about what YOU want - don't listen to anyone but yourself. Thats my advice. The readers will follow =)


  5. I also agree with the above comments. The best part about your blog is the transparency and casual way you relate to readers... I love the light-hearted posts along with the more vulnerable, thought provoking posts. I especially love when you blog about fiction/writing. I always find that your posts are motivating in some form... like your cleaning series or just when you share your schedules/routines and new experiences. Perhaps intentional living/inspiring lifestyle/writing is your niche. I think it's definitely true that while some bloggers have a narrow "niche," not everyone needs to limit their voice to one area or type of writing... you are a talented blogger because you can blog about several different things and still make it personable and fluid.

    Anyway, just my two cents. :) Love your blog and I hope the comments on this post remind you just how much your readers appreciate you!

  6. Hello. I hope you had a great birthday! How was the dinner? I struggle with this question myself which is why I have so few posts. I dont care what you blog about! I read them all and feel like we are having a conversation. I think you should write about whatever it is that motivates you to sit down and take the time to gather your thoughts and type them, because that in itself is where the passion lies.