Friday, March 1, 2013

Can we talk about this box of Cheerios for a sec?

I think I bought this box of Cheerios around three years ago. At first it was like, "eh, I don't really want Cheerios today." Then it was like, "Well, at least I know they're there as an option. Maybe someday I'll be in the mood, or there will be nothing else to eat and the Cheerios will be there for me." And now, it's like I don't even see them. It's like they're part of my fridge.

I'm throwing them out right now. But I feel a little sad about it.


  1. The same exact thing happens to me with Cheerios...

  2. Eat them with chocolate milk

  3. Is that a monkey birthing a sunflower? How insanely awesome.

    1. Close! It is a cat with it's head sticking out of a bird house which I guess is actually it's body. It's holding a fork and spoon- so it can eat the bird with manners?

  4. That happens to me too! It feels liberating but also sad to clear out forgotten products from the pantry or under the bathroom sink...

  5. I have a box of cornflakes that have gone stale which have also become part of my kitchen furniture. The ridiculousness is that there is a fresh box next to them. I just need to throw them out. I might go do it now.