Friday, February 15, 2013

Shante You Stay: Our Night at Lips!

Valentine's at Lips was a success! Let's walk through it shall we?  We were so excited as soon as we got there and met our waitress Evangeline  who told us to call her Eva.  We let her know it was Tammy's birthday and she crowned her the birthday girl. Tammy made sure to do her best Queen wave for the camera.

Before the show started we got to know Madam B and couldn't resist the dirty balloon art.  When in Rome, right? Or something like that...We could not stop giggling.

And then the show started, opening with Cher! I was so excited! Followed by, can you guess each pic? Whitney, Dolly, Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Joan Rivers, Katie Perry (who was our waitress) Mary J. Blige (who was the best) and Lady Gaga!  Also, Cher, Joan and GaGa are all the same person!

Then Tammy got to go up on stage and be personally wished happy birthday by Joan Rivers!


And then the weirdest thing of the night happened, which was that everyone realized there was a baby there.  When I have a baby, I'm totally bringing it to Lips.  Honestly, it's the only reason to have one, I think.

We ended the night giddy on all the silliness and took the subway home.  Thanks for lip syncing for your lives ladies! We had the best time!

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