Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Reading with Josh Farrar

This past weekend my writer friend Josh Farrar had his book release party for his new middle grade novel A Song for Bijou and asked me to read as the opening act! I was beyond honored, excited and nervous.  But once I got there, and chatted with the friendly crowd for a bit, the nervousness faded away. I had so much fun! Below are pics from the reading (which also included amazing live Haitian music.)  I read an excerpt from my novel The Mad Ones- click here to read what I read. I'm currently in the process of revising before shopping around for an agent or editor.

I think the best part about reading aloud was the assurance it gave me that I really should keep working on this book- it's been a work in progress since 2008.  Hearing people laugh in the right places and tell me they enjoyed it afterwards was so encouraging.  That and the fact that I was having a really good hair day, were the best parts.

Afterwards, we got drinks and food nearby and I decided to order a cheese plate and eat the entire thing by myself because I was having a really great day and deserved a present for it.

Let me know if you read my excerpt, I'm excited to share it with you all!



  1. Whoa buddy, that cheese plate looks divine. And YES KEEP IT UP!!! You're awesome, you can do it, I'm proud of you, etcetera.

  2. Ahh that looks like so much fun! Read your excerpt and absolutely LOVED it. Can't wait to buy a copy when your book is published :)

    1. Thank you so much Mollie! And thanks for reading. xo

  3. I'm already hooked! I want to read more! I love the imagery you've created and the inclusion of the best friend necklaces was genius. You should be so proud of your work!

  4. I LOVE The Mad Ones, Sarah. I might just reread my copy now that you have me thinking about it. Trying to rework this one is an awesome idea. It is such a great story. You are such a great writer.