Monday, February 18, 2013

Ikea day!

This presidents day, Lana and I rose bright and early and headed out to Ikea! We parked practically right next to the door and were there for the 10AM "big breakfast."

Bam! (I just got all Emeril and early 2000s for a second there, but that's what the Big Breakfast will do to you.)  Sufficiently satiated, we breezed through the show room because what we were really there for was the market place.  Behold my wares now all cozying up my apartment!  Side note: I bought 6 vanilla candles and lit all 6 of them when I got home.  I now live inside of a warm, delicious cupcake.

We ended out day with brunch at Cafe Mogador.  Our original goal was to just eat breakfast all day long, but the big breakfast was enough.  I got the grilled salmon nicoise salad and it was delish!

Did you have the day off today? Let me know how it was!  Due to the holiday, my finale Downton recap won't  but up on xoJane until tomorrow.  I'm dying to talk about it with you guys! So stay tuned, I've got tons to say.


  1. Best day ever. My happy cloud napkin holder's napkins are from Ikea trips past (but not for long!). Your new lamps look great!

  2. New Ikea napkins never fail to cheer me up. Love the cloud napkin holder!

  3. My biggest priority when deciding where to settle down in the future is proximity to Ikea. Being two and a half hours away is horrific, so I'm happy to be able to live vicariously through this blog post. :D

  4. that cloud napkin/mail holder is adorable! was it expensive? is it in other colours? yeah, ikea!

    1. Nothing is expensive at Ikea, Chrissy! It was $1.99! I think yellow was the only color.

  5. I've always wanted a denim shirt but haven't gotten one yet.