Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's day!

I thought I'd share the card I had my friend Mandy make for me to give Alex as a Valentine's prezzie! Inside it says, "Happy Valentine's day from your favorite blanket thief."  I had the idea a while ago when Alex would wake up every morning and tell me I stole the blankets all night, but that he still loved me anyway.  And since I'm not that talented in the drawing department, I commissioned Mandy to make it for me, and she came up with the perfect rendition! (It looks exactly like Alex).

What are you guys up to tonight? Alex and I are not doing anything romantic, I'm choosing to participate in Gal-entine's Day instead.  Tammy, Angela and I are going to Lips! It's a drag queen restaurant complete with a drag show! The ultimate in drag dining! I am beyond excited. Tammy's birthday is actually on Valentine's day so it's going to be so great.  I highly recommend checking out the website.  It is out of control. Can't wait to share some fabulous pictures with you guys later!


  1. Haha I'm a total blanket thief!


  2. That picture is awesome! Perfect personalized present for Valentine's Day. The drag show sounds so fun. We have a Hamburger Mary's in Kansas City that I've been to. Nothing beats drag queen bingo, especially when you win and have to run around the bar as people throw their balled up bingo cards at you. Post pictures!

  3. I'll show this to my husband, he'll totally be able to relate!

    We went out spontaneously for dinner at a local Indian restaurant. They did not even jack up the prices. Plus, they gave me a rose and us a bottle of wine to take home. Best deal ever!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

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