Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Final Downton Recap is up!

Everything was great! Until it wasn't. Click here to read!


  1. Hello! I knew Matthew wouldnt be back for season 4 but I wasnt expecting him to be killed off! and not like that. But there is no war or anywhere else to send him off to. I was delighted to see Ms. Padmore get some air time. But sadden to see it was all for her cooking. I feel for Rose & her parents. Its hard now, much harder then, to go with the times & let go! I didnt like Edna from scene one! Leave Branson alone!!!! He should find another but not downstairs! Yes Im a snob but really!? He is out of there and should find one more suitable. I felt like wearing mourning garb after Matthew died. I truly did. LOL Edith, poor Edith. She will be the scandal of season 4. Though I cant blame her. He is in an awful, truly awful spot. I think she will carry on with this "married" man and cause all kinds of haywire within the family!
    Will miss the show & your wonderful updates for another year!
    Downton withdrawls.....

  2. I have been tiny bit familiar of this your broadcast provided bright clear concept...