Sunday, February 10, 2013


This weekend, I managed to make it down to New Jersey to go Bridesmaid dress shopping at David's Bridal for my sister's wedding! It ended up being so much fun, so I thought I'd share some of the pics with you guys.

First of all, we went at 5:00 on a Saturday night when they close at 7:00 PM.  This is the best time to go to David's Bridal! We practically had the entire store to ourselves, it was so luxurious!

Things started out rocky for literally like one minute. Sorry Cait, had to post this pic to show that it wasn't ALL rainbows and kittens, otherwise people would hate us for being so perfect.

But then, like one minute later, we had found the dress!  The Bridesmaids fairy was shining down on all of us. We all ended up all loving the same dress! 

And OMG you guys, pockets.  Honestly, give me a dress with pockets, and it's like my life is complete.

We even decided on our shoes then and there.  Being the perfect sister bride bitch that I am, I only made a couple of faces about the fact that I never wear heels, and agreed with gusto to go with the flow.  I can't deny, they make my legs look good :)


Unfortunately, the didn't have the dress in our "canary" color.  But here's a pic of the swatch:

Rachel is totally like, give me some of that!  

This last picture came out really blurry, but I still think we all look really great and it captures the feel of the night pretty perfectly, so I'm posting it anyway.

We did a conga line on the way out of the store, because in case you couldn't tell, that's how fun we are.  No picture available, too busy congaing.

This wedding is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN.


  1. I like that dress! What color is the end result going to be in?

    1. Thanks Nikkiana! They're going to be in Canary Yellow. We're holding up the swatch in the second to last pic. :)

  2. That's a good dress for everybody too. Nice score! I love when brides give up some of the control to the people who actually have to wear the things.

  3. Those are adorable bridesmaids dresses! Which is saying something, since bridesmaids dresses can easily venture into terrible. And yes to pockets. Nothing will sell me on a dress quicker than pockets. :)

  4. You're right, your legs look fabulous! The dress is so cute, and ohmygosh pockets!! Pockets should be included on every clothing item. I love pockets.

  5. Thanks for this post Queader! Now I've got to get on and implement more thank you..