Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How To Clean Your Oven Naturally

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This post is going to start with a series of confessions.  The first one being that I made it through almost 30 years of my life without ever cleaning my oven.  About a year ago, the burnt stuff stuck to the bottom finally got too bad to ignore.  Having rented shitty apartments my entire adult life, I've always had a shitty oven, so no self cleaning option was available to me.  And after reading the ingredients and precautions list on the back of an oven cleaner product in the supermarket, and almost having a panic attack about it (similar to the time I got a drop of Draino on my hand and freaked out due to the directions telling me not to get it on my hands) I lamented that there had to be a better way.

Thanks to Google, I realized that there was!  It's called the natural way you guys, for those of us that are too high strung to trust that you'll be able to follow the precautions associated with highly chemical products correctly.

Turns out, cleaning you oven with baking soda and water is not only easy and effective, but totally harsh chemical free!  Here's what you do:

1. Remove racks from you cool oven, as in don't try to clean it right after you take that lasagna that bubbled up too high out of the oven.

2.Sprinkle the entire bottom with baking soda adding more to the parts with gunked up burnt stuff.

3. Spray the entire thing with a coat of water (I bought a spray bottle from the dollar store for this specific purpose, and now use it to spritz my plants too)

4. It should start to get bubbly and sizzly in the vein of those volcano science experiments that we all had to do. Let it sit for 30 mintes or so.

5. Wipe that shit down! You can just use a sponge with some warm water and dish soap here.

6. Repeat until your over literally looks brand new- because it totally will.

And that's it! No spending $5 at the store or even having to go to the store because you probably already have baking soda and a spray bottle at home!  And no weird and confusing smells that make you feel dizzy!  This chore that I always ignored has now suddenly become so easy.  No more putting up with the smell of burning every time I use my oven.

Happy Well and Cleanly cooking and baking to you all.


  1. Genius! I'm trying this tonight. Our oven is GROSS

  2. Great post, enjoyed the tips and look forward to trying a few things myself :) I'm currently on extended sick leave so I really want to give myself something to do - cleaning the house is well needed! I usualy use oven cleaner maidstone for my cooker, I'd recommend to anyone in the area, but for the DIY route you have some brilliant tips, thank you!

  3. Is baking soda really this effective for oven cleaning? I really struggle with oven cleaning as I am partially disabled. Most of the methods I just cannot manage. You have made this seem fairly simple. I am going to get my myself some baking soda and try it. Thank you for the guide Sarah.