Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekend links and Volunteering part 2!

Banned Books, Bangs and Bright Red Nails.

Aww yeah Friday! What a week it's been, am I right? It felt like the longest week of the year for me, I think. Just wanted to check in and say hi to everyone today. Yesterday the L train started running again! So after getting home in just 30 minutes, I finally got that Faye Dunnaway manicure and a bang trim to boot. I feel like a brand new woman!

Today was one of my favorite days of the school year, when the librarians get to take off (it's conference day for the teachers and school is closed) and spend it at The Strand buying books for the library! Soooo many great new books to read! I can't wait until they arrive in the library. And on my way out I bought a Banned Books t-shirt for myself. Can't wait to wear it to school.

Tomorrow I'm planning on hooking up with New York Communities for Change in the Rockaways. They need volunteers to canvass for long-term assessments around repairs, insurance, mortgage issues, unemployment, etc. They're having a 10am meet up at the NYCC office to ship volunteers to the Rockaways: 2-4 Nevins St., Brooklyn.  If any of you are local readers and looking for a volunteer activity, email me for more info!  Last week I made a point of reminding myself that the Sandy cleanup effort is going to need to be more than a one time thing.  I'm hoping to stick to doing one thing a week that goes towards helping out until this storm is a distant memory.

I thought I'd kick the weekend of with a favorite links post, because they are fun and it has been a tiring week.  Let me know what you're up to this weekend in the comments!


I wanted to see the video for the new Pink song Blow Me (one last kiss)- don't you just love it?  But clicked on this by mistake. Is it weird that I watched the entire thing?

I want to make this for dinner and then this for dessert.  And then this for a night cap.  Sunday perhaps?

Have you seen this sign that Nordstrom puts up?  I wish everyone would do that!  I don't want to feel angry when I see Christmas commercials, I want to feel Christmassy!  But I just can't in November, it's against my moral standards.

Do you like Jon Brion's music?  Alex turned me on to him when we first started going out.  I guarantee this video will make you smile.

Lousia May Alcott may have written it, but you know Jo March was the one who said it.

Just Hemingway and Just Patti Smith.

This CBS Memo from 1969

I loved Nicole's post about meeting Martha Stewart.

And finally, this Grandma and her cat are the cutest best friends ever.  Warning: might induce a cute overload.  Thanks Lana for sending me this link in an email with the subject "happy friday."

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. oh my gosh that cute overload warning is ridiculously warranted!