Thursday, November 29, 2012

Love and Pie

Why are there two separate boxes from the same exact bakery in our fridge right now?  Let me tell you a little story.  There once was a husband and wife who lived a happy life together.  And while the wife enjoyed chocolate and the husband enjoyed desserts of all kinds, they did not have the same tasting sweet tooth.  Mr. wanted chocolate every single time and Mrs. favored fruit and vanilla flavored desserts.  But they loved each other and liked to do nice things for each other.

On the way home from work one Thursday night, the wife decided to stop at their favorite bakery and pick up her husband's favorite desserts to go with dinner.  While her favorite was the key lime pie, she chose the chocolate mousse because she loved him, and liked to do nice things for him.  When the husband came home shortly after the wife, he presented a brown cardboard box to her and inside of it was her favorite key lime pie.   Just because he loved her and liked to do nice things for her.

It's sort of like the gift of the magi in reverse, don't you think?  And a story of love sweet and true.