Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy prepping Sunday

Hey everyone! I thought I'd check in with a little "what I've been up to" post.  As you're all probably well aware, we're hunkering down for the Frankenstorm (ugh) but not giving up on Halloween just yet! Alex and I spent the morning at Target and Michael's working on our Halloween costume which I will be revealing soon!  We were pretty much the only ones looking at Halloween stuff, while everyone else was freaking out about water.  We decided to throw some double a batteries in the cart for good measure.

We stocked up on groceries yesterday though, and the supermarket was totally normal.  We made sure to buy lots of canned soup (I love Amy's) tuna and bread and things like that.  But I'm also planning on making spaghetti and meatballs before the power goes out.  Hopefully it won't at all!

Right now, I've got chicken in the crock pot, brussels sprouts roasting in the oven and brown rice cooking on the stove.  Our apartment is smelling nice and homey.  I'm also sipping on some red wine while I type this.  I made sure to run to the liquor store too :)  Both Alex and I have no work tomorrow due to the storm, and the subways are closing in about 30 minutes.  We've been listening to Guided by Voices all afternoon while I did laundry and Alex worked on our costumes.  I love that I have a husband who doesn't mind rudimentary sewing since I hate even sewing a button on. He's actually pretty good!  I can't wait to show you guys our costume!!! But not yet, you're going to have to check back tomorrow for the idea reveal and then on Halloween (or maybe the first) for our actual pics.  Hehehe I'm so mean.

I just got back from spending Wednesday night through Saturday morning in DC for work.  I've never traveled for work before and kept calling it my "business trip." Although really it was for a conference, and I also got to visit a school for an entire day.  I have some much to report back to my colleagues, it was really inspiring and invigorating.  I'm actually kind of amazed at how stepping out of your daily work routine to learn things can be so valuable.  I'm a life long learner, yo!  It was also really fun to bond with the other two teachers I went down with.

Okay, I'll be checking in again tomorrow if our power's still on! I'm hoping to get a lot of blogging, writing, reading and cat snuggling done on my day off.  Please tell me if Sandy is affecting you at all in the comments, I'd love to hear!  Maybe we could start a little Hurricane thread in the comments.  I want to hear what you're having fun doing inside and and weather updates!  Stay dry everyone!


  1. I can't believe I have to wait at least another day to hear about your trip! Texting it in snippets just won't do. Happy hunkering!

  2. I did most of my grocery shopping yesterday, so today was pretty chill. The boyfriend had to work this evening, so he's out past the subway shut down. Fingers crossed that cabs won't be too hard to find.

    1. Ugh! That sucks about your BF! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. I hope you weather the storm well. It sounds like you are prepared at least. :) I'll be interested to see your costume.

  4. We both have the day off here in Salem, MA too! I'm not too worried about it, but we did buy groceries today and pulled out the candles we'd bought last year for Irene. I'm mostly looking forward to doing some reading and maybe watching Hocus Pocus!

  5. I hope it doesn't get too crazy for you guys there! Good luck!

  6. I do hope Halloweeen is all go despite the storm, because you have certainly made me curious about your costumes!