Saturday, October 6, 2012

Call me.

"He'll just be sitting there like this,

while I'm trying to have a conversation."

Can you fill in the blank?

I've noticed how the international hand signal for phones seems to have changed.  And the way we talk about them in conversation. Have you ever signaled across the room to someone like this, as you're leaving?

I think I've done this! But I've noticed when talking about using your phone in conversation these days, everyone does the cupped hand.  And it's like you can just see that little screen.  They don't need to say anything more, you know exactly what they're talking about.  I find it's usually when you're complaining about improper phone etiquette but I think it could even be just part of the conversation starting.  "I was on my phone..." (cupped hand signal.)

Have you noticed this too? Or any other classic hand signals that have changed over the years?  I think there have been three for the phone.

One for an old timey phone.

One for the landline phone.

And one for the smart phone.

Alex says that my old timey hand signal is not a phone signal but rather the signal that you do for movies when you're playing charades.  My arguments is that I'm not doing that signal and he is wrong.  We got in a fight about it.  What do you think?

PS- Once Alex was on a road trip with his friend Debbie and they wanted to alert the person driving next to them on the highway that they'd left their gas tank door open.  But felt so helpless because there is no hand signal for relaying that information! This is the one that they came up with"

Try it some time.  Let's make it the universal symbol for open gas tank doors!

PPS- I know this post is crazy because of the gifs. LOLZ.


  1. I'm definitely way behind the times because I think I still do the old landline phone signal ;) I don't think I've ever done the smart phone one!

  2. Landline signal all the way. And your beau's way of communicating gas tank open is way better than mine. It entails attempting to shout the information across the highway :)

  3. Definitely the landline signal, so much more fun! The gifs are so cute.

  4. I am on Team Alex. You are indicating a movie in charades. Love your post today, Sarah. You crack me up.

    1. Traitor! LOL thanks Kate, glad to make you laugh :D

  5. Ive always wanted to make a universal hand signal for "Hey, you left your blinker on!" Ive tried opening my hand and closing it like a blinking light. (sorry i cant make gifs) I wish it would catch on because I hate when people do that!

  6. I do the landline signal. I still hold my smart phone up to my ear, too.

  7. ummm...sorry sorry, but I agree with Alex...! :D
    It is so fun to see the little differences between the countries ; here the phone signal is done with the thumb and not the second finger ( I don't know how you call it).
    Something funny too with the "new generation" : when I was showing a phone on a book to elisa (old style phone with handset, dial with holes, etc.)and asked her to name it, she was voiceless. But when she saw a remote control, for example, she said : "it's a phone !"

  8. I am also with Alex on that one sorry! Haha! great post though and I love crazy GIFS.