Tuesday, October 23, 2012

36 years ago today...

My parents got married.  I know how lucky I am to have grown up with parents who love each other, and have since they were 16 years old!  Having my parents meant hearing stories about high school basketball games (my mom a cheerleader and my dad would take her to get pizza at Spirito's afterwards.)  It meant seeing parents who worked as a team when it came to strengths (dad always ironed and cooked, mom helped with math homework and ballet buns).  It meant seeing parents who loved their children more than anything in the world but also loved each other and loved family.   It meant seeing them do little things for each other to help make the other person happy.  That's something big that I've learned from them- it's those little things that mean more to a marriage then the grand gestures, because that's real life and true love, every single day, for 36 years.

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad, I love you!


PS- Special thanks to my sister Rachel, AKA the Family Historian for scanning these pictures and knowing exactly which ones to email me when I asked for cute pics of Mom and Dad.  Love you, Rach!


  1. aw. Well, I wish I'd grown up with happy parents like that.

  2. Aaw so sweet! Happy anniversary to your parents!