Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Final day of the comment challenge!

I can't believe it was only a week ago that the comment challenge started! I've found so many amazing blogs this week, and have been really enjoying all of the sweet and encouraging comments people have been leaving on my blog, so thanks so, so much.  I really mean it.

I decided that keeping track of how many comments you wrote this week wasn't really the point of the challenge.  It seems to me that everyone just started commenting as much as they could whenever they could, and that's what's made this week so special. Because of that, I've come to the conclusion that all 23 challenge participants will automatically be entered in the giveaway (I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow) for Kaelah's PR and Marketing ebook!  Yay!

If you could share something about your comment challenge experience in the comments of this post however, I'd be delighted to read all about it.  If you did keep track, what was your grand total?  What was your favorite part of the challenge? Did you see more comments on your own blog? Would you do something different for the next time I hold this challenge?  I'd love to hear from you!

And PS- There's still 7 hours left to enter.  Don't be shy! It's never too late to start commenting!


  1. I ended up at around 30 for my grand total. And I did see some more comments on my blog, which is always nice. I found some new blogs/friends, too. :)

    1. 30 is awesome!! So glad you found some new pals too :)

  2. i tried to keep track at first but i was in no way successful after like day two! i kept snowballing through blogs— someone would comment on mine, then i would check out theirs and while reading comments i would click through them to find even more awesome blogs! i had SO MANY tabs open. haha. my favorite part was the quality of comments— everyone seemed to start conversations and no one was like "fishing" for something to say, ya know? thanks for hosting this, i loved "meeting" so many wonderful bloggers.

  3. I saw so many more comments and I found myself commenting on almost every post I read! Thanks for hosting this Sarah, I really enjoyed the challenge.

  4. I had a lot more (quality) comments on my blog which is brilliant, but I also loved exploring new blogs and connecting with interesting people all over the world. The variety of blogs out there is exciting and really inspiring!

  5. I agree, everybody seemed to make an effort to leave substantial comments. But I think maybe the people who signed up are just that kind of person, anyway. I did not keep a tally, but I was reminded what got me into blogging in the first place: the sense of community. Thanks for hosting this, I did find a few new regular reads!

  6. I think I sent 26 comments out there into the world and I definitely had more and kept doing funny little dances when I had new comments which my husband thought was hilarious! Especially if I was checking my email in public and a comment had popped up lol.

    I had issues with some of the captchas but I tried to not let that deter me from commenting.

  7. I really enjoyed reading a lot of blogs which I might not otherwise have stumbled across - I lost count of how many comments I left, but I did see a few new names in my own comments section (and a huge spike in my stats on Tuesday!). Thanks for organising this - it's been fun. :)