Saturday, September 29, 2012

Feminist Friday!

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to pop in this weekend to share a link to a guest post I wrote as part of Suzy's Feminist Friday series.  My post happened to be posted on Saturday, due to technical difficulties, but I'm pretty sure we can all be Feminists on Saturdays too.  So please stop by and say hello.  I talk about my first experience with cat calling where I was called a "hoe" from a car driving by while walking home from the park with my cousins, in my neighborhood.  Interesting how that memory is still so vivid, am I right?

I'd love to hear about your cat calling stories (because unfortunately  I know we all have them) in the comments, so head on over to Suzy's and show some love!  Thanks everyone!


  1. When I read your story, I was so chocked that somebody dares to yell at children like that... And it reminds me that about one year ago, I was on a car park with elisa when two men said "your baby is beautiful, you fucked very well !" just before make the engine roar and go. I was so angry...!!! I did not have time to yell at them back. But actually, they are so pathetic. They must have a very sad life, for only doing this kind of things to make them happy, for having nothing better to do.

    1. That is so terrible! You are right about the sad life, but sorry that happened to you.

  2. Because I constantly look like I'm 18, I usually just get creepers who stare at me and mumble things I'm glad I can't hear.

    I did, however, have a bunch of guys scream "SHARON OSBORNE!!" at me like 5 times the other day. I think they were excited by the fact that we both have very bright hair. Either that, or they think I look like I'm 50.

    JustMe ~