Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend Links!

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm planning on doing some yoga, getting my haircut and finishing my book today.  Here are some interesting things I found on the internet this past week.  Have a look, and I'll see you all Monday!

Mr. Darcy and his second proposal

I am so in love with this blog right now, and these two posts in a row had me in blog reader heaven.  One and Two.

My other favorite blog right now.  Doesn't this post read like an excerpt from a really good memoir or novel?

I was moved by Sam's funny post about what her family chose to do with her dad's ashes.

Last week I linked to news stories about Pussy Riot.  This week I'd like to share this great article on the west's misinterpretation of these women.  I can't believe two of the three women are mothers and they are pretty much exclusively referred to as "girls" in the western media.

New favorite Tumblr?

The impossible made possible: an invisible helmet invented by two amazing women.  Found via Design Mom.

And finally, what a squid does when it listens to Cypress Hill.  


  1. You have great interwebs taste! That squid video is really amazing. I'm adding your button to my blog :)

    1. Thank you so much! I know, I watched that video again this morning. If you want to swap buttons email me yours at

      PS- So excited you're doing the comment challenge! xo