Monday, August 6, 2012

The hamper of my dreams

When you live in a one bedroom apartment, and your bedroom looks like this:

Cute! But tiny. (We used to keep the hamper in there but getting up to pee in the middle of the night, pretty much guaranteed a toe stub, so into the living room it went.)

New Yorker's know, sometimes it's just not that easy to hide your dirty laundry (sorry I couldn't resist).

I've decided it's time to say goodbye to the bed bath and beyond hamper I bought approximately 7 years ago, and hello to not only a new hamper, but a new piece of furniture, in our living room- cause that's the only place I have any room.  This is what I'm dealing with now:

I would love to buy a $5 plastic basket that I keep hidden in my closet, but that's just not going to work in our little abode.  So I'm on a mission to find the perfect living room friendly hamper.  Here's what I've seen around the web so far.  Which one is your favorite, readers? I'd love to know your opinion.  And how do you handle laundry in your house?



  1. I really like the green and tan woven one, but think something with a flat sturdy top could be good so you could use it for an end table of sorts as well. We have a hamper in our bedroom but with it not being a giant room and us having a giant bed, plus dresser, plus giant dog bed, it's kind of in the way too.

  2. The dark wood one in the middle of the second row is my vote. It looks classic so it would probably blend well with any decor!

  3. I really like the top middle it made out of recycled magazines or something, or just printed to look sort of like that?

    I am sure I have more space in my apartment than you do, but my closet is sooo tiny, a laundry basket can't fit at the bottom of it. That's how I used to always store my laundry. So for the past 2 years that I've lived here, I've just had a laundry basket sitting out, which I really hate! Maybe I'll look for something like this. I hadn't really thought about the possibility of an attractive laundry hamper.