Thursday, August 30, 2012

Comment Challenge Links post!


I've been having so much fun reading through all of the blogs linked up to the comment challenge, that I thought I'd share a post from each one for a Thursday links post!  As of writing this post, there were 17 bloggers signed up.  But I'm loving how it keeps on growing! It's still not too late to sign up for the challenge, so if you want to join in, click here!

In the mean time, here are some of my favorite posts from fellow challengers.  How many can you comment on?

I'm loving Becky's entire A-Z of Becky Series, but especially her I is for "Identity" post.

Elisha Lynn's surprise engagement story complete with adorable photos.

I need to memorize this Faulkner quote that Gabriela posted.

The ugliest and most beautiful sweater ever thrifted.

Oh, sisters!

Jes tells the truth about being on TV and moves me YET AGAIN!

Have you ever toured a cave? I haven't and this post totally made me want to try it some time.

10 rules to break when being creative.

How much can you say in just 100 words?

I would never guess that about half of the things in this adorable nursery were free!  Yeah thrifting!

Erica's amazing cut and color.

Annika says she's yet to master seamless panoramas, but these images look pretty cool to me! I'm going to have to check out Photosynth now!

I am in love with this entire blog and couldn't just pick one link to share!  AND I found it because of the comment challenge.  YES!

Jess's "Honesty Hour" post about moving to a new city.  I think as blog readers, we never want our favorite bloggers to being going through a tough time, but when they actually write about it it can be such a relief.  So relatable.  We all have sucky times! Yay!

Curating dessert tables.  I want that to be my job too!

And finally, the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Phew! That was super fun!  But I need to add how I forgot how different working full time and blogging is!  I've been working on this post all day. (Started around 3, I think? It's now 8:12)  But I actually loving feeling super busy too.  All the life of the modern woman! Okay, I'm off to watch some Parks and Recreation re-runs with the husbo.

Let me know about some amazing links that you commented on today, in the comments!


  1. what a great highlight reel...i'm going to go through them all now!! (thanks for including me!) **I'd like to does making commenting easier if you remove the captcha requirement!**

    1. Girl, I was thinking the same thing!

    2. Ruthy - I agree too - I'm really struggling to read some of them! Took me like 5 attempts the other day to comment somewhere.

  2. my link title is the funniest thing i've read all night! hahaha! i've really enjoyed discovering new blogs this week... thanks again for hosting.

  3. Thank you for including my link!

    I just keep getting excited when the emails pop up to tell me I have a new comment - I keep doing little dances too lol. (yep I'm that sad lol)

    Thank you for hosting the challenge

  4. Thanks for doing this challenge Sarah! It's been so cool actually seeing comments on blog, it's starting to feel more like a blog now and less like a journal :) And I have to agree, I bloody hate the captcha thingy, I don't leave a comment half the time if it pops up...
    And I think I met the challenge requirements tester- I've been a commenting machine!

  5. I foresee a lot of my time going into this challenge this week... But I love it! Thanks for mentioning my photos and saying they ain't too bad. I am going to disagree, but will keep practising... :o) Did you get Photosynth? Of the apps I have, one fourth are probably photo apps. Are there any you can recommend? I also just watched the vlog about commenting, and I completely agree on the YouTube commenters. They usually make me stop believing that there is any good in the world. Anyhow, off to read today's comment challenge posts...

    P.S.: Thanks for following. EEP! x

  6. Aaw thank you so much for featuring me Sarah! I really, really appreciate it :)


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