Monday, July 30, 2012

"So good I had to lie down after reading it"

Hi everyone! It feels good to be back.  I hope you all enjoyed my Women and Children Series while I was away, brought to you by an amazing group of guest bloggers.  If the comments tell me anything, then I think you have.  Yay! I had so much fun putting that series together and was so inspired by all of the amazing women who contributed.  So thank you everyone- writers AND readers for contributing, it means so much to me.

And now I am back in Brooklyn and rested and a little darker in skin tone- but both Alex and I managed to avoid getting sunburned all week :)  Before I post pictures and a recap of my trip, I had to write up a book review of what my nose was stuck in for the entire week we were away.

I found Tiny Sunbirds Far Away completely randomly, while browsing the shelves in the library before my trip.  I think that having found this book through my public library, without ever having heard anything about it before to affect my opinion, made me love it even more.  I was intrigued by the inside cover which describes the life of a Nigerian family, living in the Niger Delta told through the eyes of a twelve year daughter and granddaughter, (I say that because the grandmother was my favorite character) Blessing. But it was this quote on the back of the book that made me decide check it out:
So good I had to lie down after reading it.- Trezza Azzopardi
And, guess what? It really was!!  I feel such a hunger to learn more about Nigeria after reading this book, and luckily the author (did I mention this was her first novel)  lists some suggested books in the afterword.

But I want to stress that this book is an amazing novel and while it centers around a real place and real facts, it's the story of the family that sucked me in.  I became a member of Blessing's family within the first pages of her starting her story, and even though I finished the book several days ago, I'm still thinking about it all the time.

This book is like a good friend that you just want to call up and say hello to.  It is gripping, devastating, and horrific but also funny, thoughtful and full of love.  I don't often write up book reviews, because I find them boring to read and hard to write a lot of the time, but I could not resist blogging about this book.  And with the Grandmother being such an inspiring character, I couldn't help but think about how I would have bought this book for my grandmother for us to talk about.  (Mama loved reading just as much as I do).

So that's my gush about what I read while I was away- the perfect vacation book! I feel so lucky to have found it.  Let me know if you decide to or already have read it in the comments!

Be back tomorrow with Michigan pictures!

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  1. This sounds like a book I would love to dive into so I'll definitely be adding it to my to-check-out list.

    Oh, and very glad to hear you came out of your vacation free of any sunburn. That can be a hard thing to do! :)