Monday, June 11, 2012

Will Bunheads be the new Gilmore Girls?

I've been noticing ads for the new ABC Family series Bunheads but I hadn't really been paying attention. That is until today when I found out that it's written by Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and has Cameron (Alan Ruck) from Ferris Bueller's Day Off In It!

You guys, I'm really excited.  On top of the fact that it's about ballet.

Is anyone else planning on watching it?

In case you don't really know me, I thought I'd post a recap of a favorite Gilmore Girls episode to prove what a true Double G fan I am.  I originally posted this on my old blog- so it will be familiar if you've been following me fora  while.  And please excuse the messy formatting especially near the end of the post.  Blogger was making me pull my hair out and I just gave up.

Will Bunheads be the new Gilmore Girls?  Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please!

And now, my play by play analysis of “Nick &Nora/Sid & Nancy” Season 2: Ep. 5 

This episode starts in Luke's diner (of course) and Rory is dorking out about the first day of school (of course.) Calm down Rory, and stop talking so fast!  Hey look it's Lane- do you ever notice how much socializing is done before school starts in this show?  And doesn't school start at like 7:30 AM?  And isn't it like a half hour away from Stars Hollow? So what is it like 6:30 right now?  Anyway, moving on.  

Lane found a record store near Rory's school and needs her to pick up some CDs for her because A: this is 2001 a no one had the internet?  Don't you think Lane would have totally been on Napster?  I do. And B: because Lane's mom is a religious nut, it's just something we all accept.

Oh no! Taylor just walked in with a troop of boy scouts, what a tool.  Why are these obnoxious boy scouts on a field trip to Luke's on the morning of the first day of school?  I don't get it.  Also, none of them are ordering breakfast food.  UGH these kids are the worst!  Even worse than Taylor, well, equally worse.  

Woah, Luke is losing his temper on the phone!  How unusual...

Opening credits song!  Everyone sing along!  "If you need, you need me to be with you!  I will follow where you lead!"

Lorelai and Luke on the sidewalk- witty banter ensues.  Something weird is afoot because Luke has bought Frosted Flakes and Lorelai knows better.  He never buys Frosted Flakes!  Holy crap, do you know what Frosted Flakes means?  It means Jess is coming!  OMG.  Bad boy swoon.  Lorelai is suspicious...

We're in Luke's bachelor apartment now and he's blowing up a raft for Jesse's bed.  What a bachelor!  Lorelai remains suspicious.  She doesn't even know that her daughter's going to fall in love with him yet!!  Just compared Jess to Fredo (Corleone right?)

We're at Chilton, and look, Rory and Paris still hate each other!  Rory's trying to convince Paris that they should try to get along, Paris doesn't give a shit.  I love Paris.  Stop whining about the school paper Rory.  Well, her rambling convinced Paris to try and co-exist peacefully with Rory.  Rory always wins!

Jess just got off the bus (which looks like it's from 1960) with a duffel bag.  Holy Hotness.  He is a man of few words, and it's driving Luke crazy!  Awww Luke is trying so hard and Jess is such a dick.  A hot dick though. Jess scopes out Stars Hollow as "This is Hell" by Elvis Costello plays in the background.  Please Jess, you have no idea how lucky you are to live in Stars Hollow!

Cut to innocent little Rory, back at Chliton, happily waiting for the newspaper meeting to start.  She's been fooled by Paris!  The meeting started at 3:15 but Paris told her it was 4:00!!! Nice one Paris!  Now Rory has to do a story about paving the parking lot!  Sucker!  But Rory gets her back with sarcasm.  Hasn't anyone ever told you that sarcasm is the poor man's wit Rory?  I'm rolling my eyes right there with you Paris.

OMG it's Max, Max Medina!  awkwardness ensues and Paris witnesses it!  Oh no, the last thing Rory needs is Paris knowing that her English teacher isn't boning her mom anymore!

We're at the diner and Lorelai wants to meet Jess.  She's kind of being patronizing and assuming Luke doesn't know what he's doing.  Jess walks in and refuses to fall for Lorelei's charm.  Lorelai suggests that he meet her daughter (oh man is she going to regret saying that!)  Jess is still being a total dick, but Lorelai did say "where all the good wilding goes on."  Who says that?

Lorelai invites Luke and Jess to dinner tomorrow night.  Rory walks in bitching about Paris.  Then she lies to Lorelai about running into Max.  Lorelai sees right through it!

Luke walks into his apartment upstairs and Jess is up there smoking!! Luke plays it cool.  Poor Luke.  He tells Jess about the dinner.  Jess gets up and leaves without saying anything.

Another paper meeting.  Rory is the first one there.  Take that Paris, kill her with punctuality!  Now the teacher is praising her on how good her parking lot article came out.  This smug look says it all:

Oh snap!  Paris gives Rory the best story of the week but it's an interview with Mr. Medina!  How is she ever going to face him?  There was a catch Rory!

Sookie's planning the big dinner and freaking out.  Of course she's making too much food.  Jess and Luke show up and Jess starts roaming around the living room and picking up pictures like a weirdo.  Then he goes into Rory's room and starts judging her book shelf.  When she asks if he reads, he says "not much."  Oh Rory, are you in for a surprise!  You know who doesn't read?  Dean!  That's who!  Haha Dean is so lame.

Jess tries to get Rory to sneak out the window with him.  Of course she's not going to do that!  Duh, Jess!  Also Rory is so oblivious to the fact that Jess just fell in love with her like 2.5 seconds ago.  Rory you are so smart, but sometimes you are so dumb.

Jess sneaks out the back door with a beer!  What a rebel.  Poor Luke.  Lorelai was right in her stupid judgey way, it is not going to be easy taking care of Jess.  Lorelai finds Jess.  Don't fuck with her, Jess!  Lorelei will not be fucked with.  Up, he fucked with her.  

Cut to the kitchen- way to go Luke for calling her out on her judgey ways! But, Lorelei also has a point...Big fight!

Post fight day, Rory is telling Lorelei that she's being childish (of course she is!  Because sometimes it's like Rory's the mom!)  She just wants her 6am danish or whatever the hell time it's supposed to be.  Oh also, Rory doesn't pay.  

Rory has to interview Max Medina now, she's so nervous!  They both admit that this is weird and they don't know how to act.  Now that they said that, everything's going to be okay!  Oh wait, they're not perfectly okay, yet, Rory's rambling on and on about Barbara Walters.

Max Medina's middle name is named after his father's butcher.  Very clever Amy Sherman-Palladino!  Oh, he also wanted to be a clown when he grew up.  Uh oh, Rory just told a charming story about her mom and a clown and things got weird again.

OMG Rory just said, "I just want you to know, I really wanted you to be my step father."  And Max Medina said, "I just want you to know, I really wanted to be your step father."  Kind of emotional!  Oh, she also stopped her tape recorder when she said that to go "off the record."  What a professional, Rory!

Luke is waiting for Jess outside of the public high school because Taylor called about something bad he thinks Jess did.  We don't know what it is yet.  Damn!  Jess works out!

Jess and Luke get in a fight and then Luke pushes him in the lake.  Best scene ever!

Back in the kitchen Lorelei's complaining about coffee (what else is new?) and Rory has to "go buy a folder" for her Max Medina interview.  What does that even mean?  Hmmm, I wonder who she's going to run into in town?

Luke barges in and confesses that he just pushed Jess into a lake.  HAHA.  He also tells Lorelei she was right.  Now Lorelei's telling him he can do this.  Oh you guys!

Uh oh, Babette just barged in!  Her gnome's missing!  If that doesn't look like a lady with a missing gnome on her hands, then I don't know what does.  This town is so zany!  Hmmm...I wonder who stole him?  wink, wink.

Okay, Luke is taking action.  First step, no more smoking.  Looks like he spent like, $200 on anti smoking stuff.  Jess is confused.  He's not friend Luke anymore, he's DAD LUKE!  

Dad Luke found the gnome.  I like how there's a card catalog in the background.  Jess just walks out after being yelled at by Dad Luke.  Poor Luke.

Guess who Jess runs in to?  May or may not be someone purchasing a new folder...

Haha, Rory calls Jess "too cool for school."

But here's the thing:  Jess stole Rory's copy of Howl so he could put notes in the margins for her.  Finally!  Now do you guys see why he's so swoon worthy?  But then Rory calls Jess "Dodger" and you know he's in love with  her- because she's wicked smart!  He get's it right away.  An Oliver Twist reference, obvs!  True love is blossoming, I can feel it.

And that's the end!  If you made it this far, thanks for reading!  Also, just to be clear, when I was first started watching the Gilmore Girls, I was a little confused, and didn't really know the whole Jess story, so I kind of hated him like Lorelei does.  But now that I know the entire Double G saga, I LOVE JESS.  He is the best boy Rory ever dated.  And, he's a troubled artist- my fave!


  1. Sarah, you crack me up. I loved it. I cant believe you ever had time to write up commentary on an entire episode. Remember, don't fuck with Lorelie. Let me know if bunheads lives up to your excitement.

    1. Hehehe thanks Kate! I will. (I still haven't watched it yet)

  2. Um, this is so, so awesome! Like, slow clap-inducing awesome. And yes, I am super intrigued by bunheads! I am definitely going to give it a shot!

    1. Yesssssssssssssssssssss! So glad you liked it Jessica :)

  3. I have NEVER seen an episode of Gilmore Girls. It kind of scares me since most of the fans are so hardcore. I feel like I'd be getting in over my head! But it's a sleepy Friday night... I'll download season one!

    1. Give it a try! I didn't get into it until the last season was on TV. It's definitely a different kind of show, but one that can get really addicting :)