Thursday, June 21, 2012

Visualize it

I posted this status on Facebook and Twitter today and got an overwhelming response:

Every time I turn on the garbage disposal, I visualize myself accidentally sticking my fingers down the drain. What is wrong with me??!

Apparently, not only do a ton of people do this too, but a ton of people have their own weird visualizing disaster moments including:

@suzym_marie "When I'm on the motorway I think about opening the door. It's so weird!"


"whenever I cross a drain in a parking lot or getting onto an elevator... I grasp onto my keys for dear life!"

So I was wondering, dear readers, what kind of crazy nonsense do you visulaize in your head? I find this concept fascination and hilarious, so please let me know in the comments!

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And thanks to all my twitter followers who are also blog readers for putting up with this redundancy and commenting on my tweet!

So go!  Tell me you weird visualizations in the comments!


  1. Whenever it's 4th of July, I visualize a flower firework flying under my car and the car exploding.

    Whenever I'm a a campfire, I visualize my kids' clothing exploding into flames from a flying ember and think of the best ways I could smother the fire.

    I always think my debit card will be denied for some reason when we are dining out (it's never happened, we always have plenty of money in our account-even overdraft protection) and since we've already eaten the meal...well, what would we do?

  2. This first started with new CDs, but whenever I buy something new and expensive (like a new phone or piece of jewelry) I imagine throwing it out the car window! I guess the idea that I could do it if I wanted to freaks me out? I dunno, super weird.

  3. Yay I love this! I wonder why we get these visualisations?! It's so strange. I also visualise throwing breakable items. And to go one step further, sometimes I visualise that I'm in a film, but like in normal life. Not on purpose, but you know famous shots like a foot emerging from a car, or someone walking down the street in slow motion?! Yeah those. Just me?! Thought so haha.

    1. NO! I do that. Like when the music is loud enough to drown out other noise while driving and that perfect song comes on that fits your mood-- it's like a movie. Also, when I was a kid, I used to look down at my feet while I was walking because of the opening sequence of Doogie Howser showed everyone's feet from above while walking down the hall.

  4. I visualize deliberately crashing my car into another car. I share with my old friend Linda the desire to hear that metal-on-metal uproar.
    I used to worry about being accused of stealing when in the grocery checkout line, but I think that has abated lately.

  5. Oh I totally do the holding onto my stuff for dear life as I step over a drain or elevator crack (particularly my keys and my subway/bus pass) thing! I've also imagined dropping a knife onto my foot when I'm carrying one across the kitchen (so weird!).

  6. I am almost always certain that something lives in my shower drain and is going to come out and get me one of these days, so I often imagine that. *shudder*