Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Smart girls in long skirts

I found this image of the 1st Miss. America Pageant contestants on Pinterest yesterday and just knew it had to be my "smart girls" post of the week.


Seriously, how adorable are they?  I want to own every single outfit in this picture!  The winner is the third from the right (the one with the really cute hairdo) Margaret Gorman.  A little Wikipedia reading tells me that Margaret really did not want to be known for winning the "beauty pageant" as it was called then and honestly, that totally makes me like her even more.  Even so, she was chosen not just for her adorableness but also for " her athletic ability, past accomplishments, and outgoing personality."  Doesn't she sound like the fabulous heroine of a young adult novel that I need to write?

And although she later denied ever being a tomboy, her obituary states "when reporters from The Washington Herald came to her Georgetown home in the summer of 1921 to notify Marget Gorman that on the basis of a photograph submitted by her parents she had been selected to represent the newspaper in the Atlantic City contest, they found her in a nearby park shooting marbles in the dirt."

Tomboy beauty queen, now that's a perfect combination if I ever saw one.

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  1. I love this! What a lovely bit of trivia. I just finished reading Libba Bray's Beauty Queens and I think she would wholeheartedly approve of Margaret.

  2. Perfect combination is right! I just love the image of her shooting marbles while being given the news. That's perfect.