Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Smart Girls in Long Skirts

I haven't been keeping up with my Smart Girls in Long Skirts posts weekly, but don't think I've forgotten about them! The premise of these posts are about finding your best friend who just so happened to be alive 100 years ago, but I keep coming across these really adorable pictures of smart girls in pants from the 1950s.  So I'm breaking my own rules today and sharing some Smarty Pants pics.  Hey ladies, let's hang out sometime okay? Love, Sar.

And since I've got summer on the brain:

Find these pictures and more on my Smart Girls in Long Skirts Pinterest board!

PS- Thank god for free hospital wifi.  Alex should be getting his boot in about an hour. Keep your fingers crossed that we'll be out of here soon!


  1. i want to be friends with the girls in the top photo. i want to take up smoking with no knowledge of the health risks and listen to records and talk the afternoon away and then write about it in my journal at the end of the night. i want to live in that simpler time but still be kind of badass.

    i love this series, sarah!

    1. I know right? Me too! Thanks for your comment Chrissy. Glad you're enjoying the series!