Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A clean closet

When you live in New York and don't have a car, delivery is the way to go.  After facing the debacle that was the top shelf and floor of my closet, I came to the realization that I was in some serious need for containers of all shape and sizes!  And behold!  Who will deliver to Brooklyn on the same day? The Container Store! (cue angelic choir singing now).  And while the delivery charge is $35 that's only about $15 more that the cab ride home would have been- because there is no way to take two jumbo plastic containers and then some on the subway.  And I didn't even have to leave the house IE- lug everything up four flights of stairs, fight crowds etc.  Totally worth the $15 in my book.  These are the kinds of expenses I'm not spending on gas and car insurance.  This is the inner monologue I go through before clicking "order."

So after a morning of organizing and an evening of containerizing this is what my closet now looks like!


Middle (or the part of cleaning my closet where I ask myself what was I thinking??:


And yet, I'm not exactly sure if this new sense of perfect, serene organization will really bring me the calm I am expecting it too.  Am I placing too much on the idea of a clean and tidy closet?  Perhaps.  But I do feel like I accomplished something yesterday- that much is definitely true.  Next stop- the dressers.  Maybe a drawer that opens and closes without a struggle will finally bring me inner peace.  Or at least a small feeling of calm.

When was the last time you organized?  Any tips?  I'd love to hear them in the comments!

PS- speaking of inner calm, I made it to yoga this morning!  Having not done it in about a month, I was not feeling particularly limber (let's just say child's pose was taken advantage of).  But I'm feeling good and so glad I got out of bed at the butt crack of dawn.  Here was my post yoga nourishment.  Mmmmm the yogurt was so Greek and tangy!


  1. first things first... i just side-eyed my cheerio bowl for not being your delicious breakfast. jealous.

    two of my most popular posts have to do with cleaning out my closets and drawers and the search for inner peace. it's an ongoing process but baby steps, right?

  2. yum that greek yogurt dish looks amazing. i love eating greek yogurt before yoga actually :) keeps my energy up!