Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Honeymoon repost

After posting about outdoor showers earlier today, I got all nostalgic going through honeymoon pictures, so I decided to repost a blog post that I did on my old blog while we were in Kauai.  Can you tell I only have three more weeks until summer vacation?  Enjoy!

Originally Posted July 26, 2010

Since getting up before six am to the sound of roosters crowing is the only option for wake up calls here at Plumeria Moon (and surprisingly I totally love that!)  I thought I'd do some bright and early blogging- real quick cause this place is amazing!  But seriously, I've got to get to the beach soon so I'm going for bullet points, some pictures and then putting on my bathing suit.  But I've got to write something because I'm dying to share this with y'all!

Amazing things to tell you:
  1. Nature is awesome.  Kauai is like one big nature surprise around every corner.  Like just when you thought something couldn't get anymore breath taking in all of the world, you turn a corner and something else takes your breath away.  For example- last night Alex and I watched the sunset on the beach by our cottage.  It was the most amazingly purple sunset I have ever seen.  Then we're heading back and round the bend and BANG- a GIANT full moon is just chilling over the ocean lighting up the clouds around it.  Right above a cliff with crashing waves below, and it was just like congrats nature you've done it again!
  2. Wild chickens and roosters are everywhere and they are so cute.  They remind me of Queenie.
  3. We have an outdoor shower.  Who knew it would be one of my favorite things about our place?
And now some visual stimulation but seriously, as beautiful as these pics are, they don't even do it justice.



  1. We're going to Kauai for our 10th anniversary next February! I've been looking for romantic places to stay at (with outdoor shower!), and discovered your blog! Wondering if you had any suggestions, thanks!

    1. Hi Samuel! Yes, I would totally recommend where we stayed: Plumeria Moon http://www.kauaivacationhideaway.com/plumeria/ We loved everything about it! Let me know if you have any questions!

    2. Thanks for the info. I did notice that it is on the same property as another building, the Hideaway House. Were there every any privacy concerns?

    3. No, none at all. I was also worried about that before we went but the house is relatively far away and Plumeria Moon is surrounded by trees, so it really was very private. I don't remember hearing our neighbors at all, but knew people were there since we would see cars when we left our driveway.