Monday, May 28, 2012

Custom Portrait!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I hope everyone had as summery weather as we did in Brooklyn.  I spent the morning writing up blog posts for the week on my balcony (fueled on coffee) and then headed over to friend and fellow librarian Erika's place for a classic Brooklyn BBQ (where the only outdoor space is a balcony with an awesome view of the NYC sky line.)

I also wanted to share with all of you the most amazing portrait that I just received from Rachele at Near Sighted Owl!  I took advantage of a deal she was offering this month for $25 she'll do a digital portrait of you and give you ad space on her blog!  Look how adorable it is, and doesn't it look like me?

I'm especially pleased with the portrait because I feel like it is the first time someone has authentically rendered me through a drawing.  You know how you can make those avatars of yourself in video games or whatever?  Well they NEVER look like me.  I can't wait to use this portrait for so many different things including Well and Cheaply business cards perhaps!  So if you're looking for a cute portrait of yourself for your blog etc.- I highly recommend getting in touch with Rachele.

Hope everyone has a good short week!


  1. I am so happy you love it! I am really pleased with how it came out too. So exciting to see you use it :)

  2. aww, her portraits are so cute, and this one is no exception! it came out wonderful :)

  3. rachele is so talented! and don't you just love her hair?
    the portrait is adorable and looks just like you. i am so pleased for you.