Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cafe Collette

Since Alex was in Michigan this weekend visiting his grandparents, we decided to have a date night in our neighborhood at Cafe Collette.  It was our first time there.  Isn't it adorbs?

We shared the chicken liver pate appetizer, Alex had the house made fettucini and I had the pan roasted trout paired with two glasses of wine.  It was delish!  I think my favorite part about date nights in our neighborhood is always the long leisurely walk home.  We walked through an in bloom McCarren Park and by the time we got home I felt perfectly satiated.

Long time relationship readers- how often do you make the effort to have date nights with you sweetie?  Ours are pretty random but I'd say we like to do something special at least once or twice a month.

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  1. My husband and I try to go to a comedy club every month or two. I wish it was more often. We've been very lucky discovering new-to-us talent. It's nice because we get to go out together (without the kids) and spend the night laughing. It's a great stress reliever. Love your blog.