Monday, February 6, 2012

Season Two Episode 5 Recap and Party "That's it. There's nothing more we can do for him. "

Okay Downton Fans, now I'm not about to talk blasphemously about my beloved show, and I have been saying that it truly is a soap opera all along, but burn victim with amnesia who might also be trying to steal someone's identity?  Or as New York Magazine put it today, "Downton Abbey just pulled out the stranger-from-the-past double-reverse-amnesia plot line on us. "   

And I'm not sure how I feel about it!  Downton's popularity throughout season two has been a little confusing to me.  How come no one was paying attention when the elegant ladies were so diligently was watching it last year?  Are they writing this season's plot for the reality tv crowd?  Right now I'm just frustrated with this new plot line which the elegant ladies are calling the "Freddy Krueger Plot Line."  Because not to be crude or anything, but really, this is what we have to look at now?

Quick show me some beautiful dresses to recover! 

And speaking of beautiful dresses, we went "down stairs" for this week's party, but I still think we look fabulous as always.

So what were your thoughts, readers?  Too soap operay or just soap operay enough?  What had you yelling at the screen.  Did you all clink glasses when the war ended like we did?  And just what was that tingle that Matthew felt at the very end?

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