Sunday, February 5, 2012

Season Two Episode 4 Recap and Party "Is this an instrument of communication or torture? Shrimpie??"

Good morning M'ladies and M'lords.  It's been some time since I've last recapped you all with the wonders of Downton Abbey.  In preparation for tonight's episode, first here are my thoughts on episode number four and photos from the party at Lady Angela's home last week.

Oh man, was this episode a somber doozy.  I think the opening scene when someone walks over Daisy's grave AKA her and Mary become psychics set the scene for the entire ep.  I wonder if Lavinia dropped a tea cup or felt a chill?  Hmmm??? Although I will admit, I do like Lavinia it's just, well I'm obviously on team Mary.  Duh!

William using himself as a sheild over Matthew!  Go grab your box of tissues now, I'll wait.

And what is the deal with stupid Doctor Clarkson?!?!  I highly agree with the Dowager Countess "It always happens.  When you give these little people power, it goes to their heads like strong drink."  Seriously!

Poor Mary pretending like she isn't in love with Matthew and finally clueless Lord Gratham realizing what's really going on.  Always the last to know, am I right?

Finally some comic relief!!  Is this an instrument of communication or torture? Shrimpie??

Oh god, this is when it turns into a zombie movie, and I hate zombie movies.

Let's just talk about this shall we?  More comic relief?  Does anyone else feel like that's the world's biggest baby?

So I'd say this episode sums up that Mrs. Bates is pure evil, there is still sexual tension between Branson and Cybil, and Lord Newspaper Man is still pretty slimy.  Also, Daisy is having a crisis.  Poor Matthew, RIP but now Daisy will have a better life, right?  Or will she just be riddled with guilt?  Sticky situations all around!

Oh also, did anyone else notice his Lordship's card catalog? 

So when do you guys think Lady Mary and Matthew are going to get together again?  It has to happen right?

Looking forward to tonight! Will you be watching?

Sincerely yours,
Lady SoSo

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