Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And as season two of Downton Abbey ended with Matthew proposing to Mary (on bended knee because she demanded it) in a snow globe, all was right with the world.  I even finished this episode feeling some affection towards Edith who can't give up on someone who calls her "lovely."  And for Daisy and her new adopted father.

However if they just skip over the wedding in season three and start with Mary and Matthew already married, I will officially be pissed.  You'd think with all of the scandalous kissing, murder trials, burn victims, big babies, and a fist fight, they could give us a single wedding! I can't believe we didn't get to see Sybil marry Branson!  Are you reading this Julian Fellowes?

Moving on.  How painful was the murder trial?  And okay, O'Brein, fine, you can't help your evil ways.  But Lord Grantham quoting Bates verbatim and Mrs. Hughes uttering the word "bitch"?  Can someone send in a lawyer from the 21st century to keep Bates from hanging from the neck until death??  Preferably a TV lawyer, please.  Speaking of 21st century, did anyone else find Lord Hepworth's haircut to be a bit modern and Paul McCartney-esque?

Just saying.

But what really did happen with Mrs. Bates?  Did she kill herself just to ruin Bates's life?  That's my theory.  Will they ever explain the scratch on his face that O'Brein could not help remembering while under oath?  God, I hope so.

Our last viewing party was bitter sweet as we will have to wait until January of 2013 (I'll  feel as old as Methusala by then) to convene again.  And speaking of 2013, we found out that the CBS Sunday morning piece is not airing until the premiere of season three!  Hopefully we will be able to take a break from driving our flying cars by then, and all remember to watch it.

But the Elegant Ladies and one Elegant Lord went out with a bang.  Lady TeeTee set up a picnic dinner for us all right in the field of Downton Abbey.  Behold!

Downton Abbey projected on the wall!  And you can't see it here but those wild flowers were blowing in the breeze!!

And now, the clothes.

Kate in her riding outfit.  Her horse was waiting outside.

Note Tammy's Hook & Lace necklace!
And Jamilah brought a polaroid camera which gave the night and fun retro feel.  And since it was presiden'ts day- we had off on Monday.  The party was almost as fun as the servant's ball.

Untill 2013 M'ladies and M'lords!

Yours & etc., etc.,

Lady SoSo.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Okay Downton Fans, now I'm not about to talk blasphemously about my beloved show, and I have been saying that it truly is a soap opera all along, but burn victim with amnesia who might also be trying to steal someone's identity?  Or as New York Magazine put it today, "Downton Abbey just pulled out the stranger-from-the-past double-reverse-amnesia plot line on us. "   

And I'm not sure how I feel about it!  Downton's popularity throughout season two has been a little confusing to me.  How come no one was paying attention when the elegant ladies were so diligently was watching it last year?  Are they writing this season's plot for the reality tv crowd?  Right now I'm just frustrated with this new plot line which the elegant ladies are calling the "Freddy Krueger Plot Line."  Because not to be crude or anything, but really, this is what we have to look at now?

Quick show me some beautiful dresses to recover! 

And speaking of beautiful dresses, we went "down stairs" for this week's party, but I still think we look fabulous as always.

So what were your thoughts, readers?  Too soap operay or just soap operay enough?  What had you yelling at the screen.  Did you all clink glasses when the war ended like we did?  And just what was that tingle that Matthew felt at the very end?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good morning M'ladies and M'lords.  It's been some time since I've last recapped you all with the wonders of Downton Abbey.  In preparation for tonight's episode, first here are my thoughts on episode number four and photos from the party at Lady Angela's home last week.

Oh man, was this episode a somber doozy.  I think the opening scene when someone walks over Daisy's grave AKA her and Mary become psychics set the scene for the entire ep.  I wonder if Lavinia dropped a tea cup or felt a chill?  Hmmm??? Although I will admit, I do like Lavinia it's just, well I'm obviously on team Mary.  Duh!

William using himself as a sheild over Matthew!  Go grab your box of tissues now, I'll wait.

And what is the deal with stupid Doctor Clarkson?!?!  I highly agree with the Dowager Countess "It always happens.  When you give these little people power, it goes to their heads like strong drink."  Seriously!

Poor Mary pretending like she isn't in love with Matthew and finally clueless Lord Gratham realizing what's really going on.  Always the last to know, am I right?

Finally some comic relief!!  Is this an instrument of communication or torture? Shrimpie??

Oh god, this is when it turns into a zombie movie, and I hate zombie movies.

Let's just talk about this shall we?  More comic relief?  Does anyone else feel like that's the world's biggest baby?

So I'd say this episode sums up that Mrs. Bates is pure evil, there is still sexual tension between Branson and Cybil, and Lord Newspaper Man is still pretty slimy.  Also, Daisy is having a crisis.  Poor Matthew, RIP but now Daisy will have a better life, right?  Or will she just be riddled with guilt?  Sticky situations all around!

Oh also, did anyone else notice his Lordship's card catalog? 

So when do you guys think Lady Mary and Matthew are going to get together again?  It has to happen right?

Looking forward to tonight! Will you be watching?

Sincerely yours,
Lady SoSo