Saturday, January 28, 2012

What would Mrs. Patmore cook?


This week's viewing of Downton Abbey will be at Angela's apartment! But I'm all in a tizzy because I just received this email letter by post from Lady Ang, and don't know what to bring!
Good Evening Dear Friends,

Your presence is requested this Sunday at the Halsey Manor Convalescent Home. I am almost recovered from consumption and am certain I shall be prepared to host our Downton Abby gathering by Sunday evening.
As my home is extremely 'cozy' and the kitchen hardly deserves the title, I request that you bring a dish to share with our group. In America I believe this is called a 'pot luck'. I shall prepare a dish of something called 'yams,' an exotic root vegetable from one of our colonies on the African continent. You may elect to bring an appetizer, protein, vegetable, or desert. I shall also provide wine and spirits. Feel at liberty to arrive any time after 7:30, for dinner at 8.
Ring apartment #4 and then wait for me to *gasp* come down to greet you, as there is neither intercom nor buzzer (nor apparently, doorman).
I am,
Yours & etc etc
Lady Angela
Any favorite potluck recipes that I should try dear readers? Or should I say, what would Mrs. Patmore cook?

Oh and also, I know what you're thinking, and you're right, we don't play around with this elegant ladies stuff.

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