Monday, January 9, 2012

War Makes Early Risers of us All. Season 2 Episode 1 Party and Recap!

M'Ladies and M'Lords,


That was the Countess's first quotable line in Season 2 episode 1 of Downton Abbey, and maybe the most confusing, next to the "Guns at Lucknow" line- who else took out their phones and started Googling?

Our Downtown Party was a success thanks to our fabulous hostess and of course the very satisfying first episode!  First, the outfits.  Unfortunately, we forgot to tell Lord Dee Dee to wear his tux.  He was very upset.

And now, the analysis.  Here are parts that had us yelling and hooting at the screen:

-First and formost, Carson's non heart attack, and Edith's complaint about him spilling the wine on her dress!  What a bia.  If Carson dies, I will be beside myself.

She has evil in her heart.
-And speaking of Edith, way to ruin a farmer's wife's life!  What is her deal???  Honestly, I feel sorry for her and her stupid, sorry life.

Molesey, please.
-Eww.  Molesey.  Is he the new Thomas?  Ewww.  Just eww.  Way to go Anna for refusing him though.

-Although, for the first time evs, I'm starting to get annoyed with Bates!  I feel like he's using his "good man" loyalty as an excuse to be uncommunicative and not have any balls!  Stand up to your evil wife!  Do it for Anna, she's willing to "live in sin" with you!! (Yeah, she said that).

You're not a young man Grantham.
-Lord Grantham needs to take his uniform off and get over himself as well.  You're too old to go to war.  It will kill you and make Cora a widow.  You can not handle those trenches (how impressive were those trenches by the way?)  Stop thinking about just yourself, for once in your life! I know Lord Grantham is usually very accommodating and unselfish, but really the being a soldier thing is all about his ego and nothing more.

-And you know he's going to find out about the scandal eventually- Carson almost spilled the beans!  Is that what gave him a heart attack?

So, those are the main things I can remember from our wine fueled, cheesecake eating evening!  

Did you watch it too?  Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Lady SoSo

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