Monday, January 23, 2012

Season Two Episode 3 Recap and Party. "For King and Country!"

Hello Downton fans!  I'm here to give my thoughts on last night's episode, but first I have to tell you something crazy.  I got this email on Friday:
I’m a Planning Supervisor at CNN International. CNN is producing a piece on the popularity of Downton Abbey. I read the NY Observer and NYT articles about your Downton viewing parties and was wondering if you’re having a viewing party this Sunday and if you would let us come film the party?
 And then this was me Sunday night:

It is all so surreal!  We had a great time, and the producer and camera woman were so nice and cool that we all felt pretty comfortable really quickly- we'll as comfortable as you can feel when a CNN is at your house.  They were there for two hours and filmed us eating dinner and watching the show.  Then both Tammy and I talked to the camera!  Tammy talked mostly about the amazing Edwardian meal she prepared it was so exciting! And delicious.  Here she is below:

Did you guys watch?  What did you think about this scene?  As Mrs. Hughes said "I may not be a woman of the world but I don't live in a sack!"

Dismissed without notice or character!
Or this one?

We were watching with the closed caption on (because we get too rowdy with yelling at the screen a lot) and started singing along, even though we didn't know the song.  And then when Matthew walked in it was gasps and cheers all around!

I did notice the Dowager Countess didn't have that large of a presence in this episode but I did enjoy her line about living in a second rate hotel "where the guests keep arriving and no one seems to leave." Cousin Crawley got what was coming to her, but then I felt bad for her in the end.  These characters are so multi layered!  That's what makes them so good.

Oh, also, I'm mad at Branson for being a misogynist.  Sybil's work is bringing "hot drinks to a bunch of randy officers??"  How dare you sir!  And seriously, what evidence does he have that she loves him?  I'm starting to feel like he's manipulating Sybil!

So what were your thoughts on this eventful episode?  Will keep everyone posted when I know more about the CNN piece!

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