Sunday, January 8, 2012

Downton Abbey Season One: Summary, recaps and opinions

Originally Published January 8, 2012

Today is the day I have been waiting for for almost a year, the premiere of Downton Abbey Season two!  And I am lucky enough to have a group of elegant ladies and one dashing lord to celebrate with tonight as I'm going to a Downton Abbey viewing party!  Before I reveal to you all my fabulous outfit, complete with a British fascinator (I think Lady Sybil would approve) here are my thoughts on Downton Abbey Season 1.

The scandal of Pamook and Lady Mary is so so good.  And really, even scandalous for 2011 standards!  The suspense of whether Lady Mary's reputation will be ruined for good over it is killing me.

On a similar note, everyone's favorite is Maggie Smith's Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham, but I think I love her the most when she decides to forgive Lady Mary for her mistake.  That, and when she sit's in a swivel chair for the first time.

My favorite characters are:

The Dowager Countess for her one liners and scathing looks.

Lady Mary- She is so mean and pretty evil, but I love her because she's also smart and believes in true love.

John Bates- the epitome of generosity and trust and so Mr. Darcy-esque, especially when there is the whole wine stealing scandal.

Lady Sybil- For being a rebel feminist who wears pants and helps her maid become a secretary.

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes- are tied for no nonsense tough love types (my favorite!)

Matthew- for being so anti class and not realizing when he insults his valet or whatever. And for being a romantic.

Anna- for being so kind, loyal and hardworking, and knowing exactly what to do when your boss wakes you up and asks you to move a dead body in the middle of the night.

Cora- because I love the way her and The Dowager Countess are true pals.  Plus, she's really pretty for an old.

The characters that I HATE the most are (as in I love yelling at the screen whenever they are on, so I actually love them):

Daisy- really she is just so stupid!

Isobel Crawley (Matthew's mom)- for  being such a know it all.  I know she is a good person and I should probably like her, but I'm constantly sighing and yelling "ugh, shut up!" whenever she says anything.

Lady Edith- Just as evil as Lady Mary and yet so not as cool about it.  Plus, I hate her ugly face.  There. I said it.

Thomas- Ugh, just the worst!

O'Brein- Because I love yelling "O'Brein!" angrily at the screen.  And her curly bangs are ridic.

All images were taken from the Downton Abbey page on  Hop on over for more Downton fun, including a What character are you? Quiz- I got Anna!

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